Friday, May 21, 2010

The BET Awards nominations. Jermaine tells u how wrong they got it

Queen Latifahs HOSTING!! Thats a good choice, long overdue in my opinion, she is known to be a good award show host. Cant wait to see what she does

Best Female R&B Artist
» Beyoncé
» Mary J. Blige
» Melanie Fiona
» Alicia Keys
» Rihanna

OK can we have one year without a damn Beyonce nomination? I mean really. She hasnt really came out with anything recently to get nominated. Whitney or Sade shouldve got that nomination, just my opinion. Anyway other than her I feel they got this right, these were the top females of the past year. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: ALICIA KEYS she has released 3 pretty sucessful singles and the album is still blooming

Best Male R&B Artist
» Chris Brown
» Raheem DeVaughn
» Maxwell
» Trey Songz
» Usher

Ok Why did Chris Brown get nominated? What has he released that warrants a nomination? Now if this was 3 years ago, I would bet money that he would win, Robin Thicke should've had that spot. Raheem Devaughn? I dont get that one either but ok I guess. Usher is really just starting back out so I dont see him getting the win. This has been the year of Maxwell and Trey Songz no one can say otherwise, the two of them have been all over the tv and radio. Its a hard one but... JERMAINE'S CHOICE: TREY SONGZ, everything he has released has been everywhere and he really came hard with that album, he deserves it. BET has always loved Maxwell so it could go his way, we will see

Best Female Hip Hop Artist
» Ester Dean
» Lil Kim
» Nicki Minaj
» Rasheeda
» Trina

They really need to get rid of this category, where are all the female rappers? What hits have they had? Missy has been gone, Eve hasnt come back yet, Lil Kim was featured on one song, I cant even remember what it is but if they gave her a whole nomination off a feature on a song that is nuts. This is a easy one. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: Nicki Minaj, she basically wins by default, she is the only female rapper out in almost five years which is why she is having so much success not to mention being Lil Waynes artist, BET will choose her, there is no one else.

Best Male Hip Hop Artist
» B.o.B
» Drake
» Fabolous
» Jay-Z
» Ludacris

Whenever you put Jay Z in the mix its almost like putting Beyonce in the mix, you already know who will win. The Blueprint 3 has been huge for Jay Z and every single he is releasing is smashing. The collab with him and Alicia alone will get him the win. Ludacris is always the underdog, I dont know why because he is one of the best in the rap game. Drake hit the scene really big this past year, he is a contender as well but does BET give it to the rookie who has been all over everyones songs but doesnt have an album of his own out yet or give it to the rapper who is considered the "best" since Biggie and Tupac. JERMAINE'S Choice: Ludacris, but I dont see it happening for him.

Best New Artist
» Justin Bieber
» Melanie Fiona
» Nicki Minaj
» Wale
» Young Money

How did Justin Bieber get nominated? It has nothing to do with him being white or a teen pop artist but his nomination is very random. Wale, sorry aint gone happen. Melonie Fiona was a breath of fresh air this year and deserves it but has she done enough is the question. We all are familiar with her song "It Kills Me" but she hasn't impacted heavily on the industry just yet. This is a toss up between Young Money (Lil Wayne's group) and Nicki Minaj (Lil Wayne's female artist) Either way he will win. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: Melonie Fiona but she is a longshot, Best New Artist to me means the new artist who will be around for a minute and have a solid career, I feel thats her but she has only proven that with one song which could lead to her loss.

Best Gospel
» The Anointed Pace Sisters
» Kirk Franklin Presents: Artists United for Haiti
» Tamela Mann
» Marvin Sapp
» Vickie Winans
Now....Im not a huge Gospel person but I do know these artist. Well...except the Pace Sisters, never heard of em. Marvin Sapp had the biggest Gospel album of all time this past year and with hits like "The Best in Me" he has this one on lock. I'm surprised BeBe and CiCi arent nominated, there would be a little competition for him. Tamela Mann has a huge following from Tyler Perrys projects like the tv show Meet The Browns but her album hasnt been nearly as huge as Marvin Sapp's. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: Marvin Sapp

Best Collaboration
» Beyoncé (featuring Lady Gaga) - "Video Phone"
» B.o.B (featuring Bruno Mars) - Nothin' on You
» Drake and Trey Songz - "Successful"
» Drake (featuring Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem) - "Forever"
» Jay-Z and Alicia Keys - "Empire State of Mind"
» Trey Songz (featuring Fabolous) - "Say Aah"

This one will be good, all these songs were the songs you heard every 5 minutes on the radio this past year. Well except Beyonce's, why she is up there again? I dont know. Anyway this could go anyway. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: Jay Z and Alicia Keys, they had the whole country singing Neeeeew Yooooooooooork all day every day. Drake and Trey Songz could pull it as well, not sure how BET will do this one.

Video of the Year
» Beyoncé (featuring Lady Gaga) - "Video Phone"
» B.o.B (featuring Bruno Mars) - Nothin' on You
» Melanie Fiona - "It Kills Me"
» Jay-Z and Alicia Keys - "Empire State of Mind"
» Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West - "Run This Town"

Jay Z will win, is there anything else to say? BOB is brand new on the scene, his video has not been out long enough to be a danger, and Melanie many new artist with a lower budget video can win against people who have been around for years and their big budget productions? I havent seen it happen, the winner here will be Jay Z with one of his 2 videos nominated. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: Jay Z Empire State of Mind

Best Actress
» Taraji P. Henson
» Regina King
» Mo'Nique
» Zoe Saldana
» Gabourey Sidibe

O Hell Naw!!! Now where is Janet's nomination or any of the ladies from Why Did I Get Married Too? We all know who has this one, I knew before they announced these nominations. MONIQUE has won EVERY award she has been up for, aint no way BET gon let her come home and not give her their award, really I would not have botherd with nominations for this category, just give it to her and she deserves it. Zoe Saldana (the most beautiful woman in hollywood to me) was apart of the now biggest movie of all time Avatar but she basically only provided a voice, her part was a computer generated blue alien. She wont win, Taraji must be nomiated for I Can Do Bad All By Myself, she wont get it, her role wasn't powerful enough. Regina King hasnt done a movie recently so Im guessing its for that cop show she is on. Janet shoulda had that nomination. Of course Im bias for Janet I love her to death, and NO ONE can beat Monique for Precious but the second best performance of the year by a african american woman next to Monique is Janet Jackson. Tyler Perry basically wrote the sequel to revolve around Janet's character, she filmed a good portion 2 weeks after Michael's funeral, everyone was stunned at that "golf club scene", she went places she never went before in that movie but its ok, she is about to start filming For Colored Girls... with Whoopi, Phylisha Rashad, and Tyler Perry, I believe that will be the Precious of 2011. Janet will get her accolades then. Now that Im done ranting, the only one who can come a lil close to Monique is Precious herself Gabourey Sidibe and she aint getting it. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: MONIQUE, she played that role to the bone

Best Actor
» Quinton Aaron
» Don Cheadle
» Idris Elba
» Jamie Foxx
» Denzel Washington

Not sure about this one, I cant recall any movies with these people. Who is Quinton Aaron? Ya know he aint winning. Denzel is probably nominated for The Book of Eli, didnt see it yet but heard he was good in it of course. Jamie must be nominated for Law Abiding Citizen, that tanked at the box office. OH I know who Quintion Aaron is the guy from The Blind Side, he is a new actor and he was good in the movie as the black football player living with the white upscale family but Naw..he aint winning against no Denzel. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: Dont have one yet, probably Denzel

Best Movie
» "Avatar"
» "Law Abiding Citizen"
» "Michael Jackson's This Is It"
» "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire"
» "The Blind Side"

This are good nominations and the best movies to deserve a best picture nomination, except one. Why is Law Abiding Citizen in there? I needs to talk to BET. Anyway, Avatar was the biggest movie of all time but this is BET its gon be between Precious and This is It. This could be difficult for BET, do you give it to th biggest black movie of the year that even got mainstream nominations and wins from The Oscars and Golden Globes or do you go with Michael's last times on stage,the man whom if it wasnt for him there probably wouldnt be a BET, the biggest artist of all time. JERMAINE'S CHOICE: If they can do a tie I say do that, they have pulled that before but not with Best Picture, Give it to Michael I say.

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