Monday, May 10, 2010

Brandy back in the studio

In being one that feels Brandy’s last 3 efforts were unfairly underrated, I’m certainly rooting for Ms. Norwood this go round. With her show (which will almost certainly be green-lighted for a season 2) giving the album a great lead-in, as well as the involvement of top-notch producers, things really look to be on the up for her

People tend to forget that before that "other B" there was Brandy. Brandy's first 3 albums were huge and so was she, she had a hit show, hit music, a doll. Then around the time this decade started she was pushed aside in my opinion. I don't care what nobody say, Brandy has one of the best voices in our generation. I always have loved and respected her and Im loving seeing her reality show every Sunday. Come on back with a hot album Brandy

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